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Who will build the pond?

One of the first questions that comes up when we think about building an ornamental pond, natural pool, water mirror or any other aquatic ambience is: will I make it myself or should I hire a specialized company?

Before answering this question, first of all is necessary to know that you are buying or building a living environment that demands care and dedication to keep it healthy, meaning feeding the animals or replacing some parts and monitoring filtering and sterilizing equipment. Also you need to choose the type of aquatic environment you prefer, between ornamented ponds, symmetrical ponds and natural pools.

After knowing the proper conditions to keep a living aquatic ambience and after identifying the ideal type for you, we can start to answer some questions that will help you choose:

  • It's better to build it on my own or hire a company to make my pond? It depends on your patience and will, besides the technical knowledge to handle the hydraulic system, electric and possible unforeseen, as we know is a construction and problems show up. There are lots of subjects that should be discussed and that can change the result of the place, like: dimensions depth of the pond; material used to waterproof; the quality and conditions of the machine house; hydraulic and electric installations; the stones used and the surrounding landscape; the place and installation of the biologic filter and sterilizers; the choice of the number of animals that will leave on the pond; among other specific things.

  • What is the good side in hiring a company that builds ponds? No doubt the greatest benefits are not having to worry about the final result and the problems that may appear. A special company will work based on the creative project and executive project in the right parameters and conditions . A specialized company also is always ready for problems and the experience in these cases are a big help. Inspire in some projects created and made by us and see how it is possible to create scenarios and awesome landscapes.

  • What's is the benefit of doing the pond myself The bigger benefit is to put your head on the project and participate in all steps of the project. We have many aquarist clients that enjoy being in touch with nature, that prefer to build it by themselves . Most of the time the clients already have technical knowledge, and count on a specialized professional to do the electric and hydraulic installation. There's the need to pay attention to the tools used in the manufacture, just as the water conditions and the machine house, because any mistake during the process can lead to leaks ou problems on the fish health. We sell all needed products and offer basic orientation for you to build your own ambience, but we are not responsible for any unseen troubles in the installation or manufacture.

  • How I choose the best company to build my pond? There are some companies that specialize in this market and many landscapers that offer solutions for aquatic ambience, each one with it's own features, tools and different prices. You need to see the profile of each company. From the portfolio it is possible to see the kind of landscape each one creates. Is important to evaluate passed projects created by them and pay attention to the clients comments positive or negative on the social media. Don't trust cheap materials or fake products.

With more than 15 years of experience, we identify different types of clientes, that usually are separated in two big kinds, see in which one you fit:

  1. Profile that prefers the "Do it yourself"

  • Likes to participate os each part of the process to crate and manufacture the lake

  • Have the time it takes to invest in the construction of my own spaceI'm passionate about Nishikigoi carps and like to handle them

  • Think about saving money even if that takes me more time, dedication and effort - I won't be able to saving always, sometimes there will need more money

  • I understand about aquarism and want to take my knowledge deeper in my ornamental pond

2. Profile to hire Natural Lagos

  • Don't have the needed time to build the aquatic space on my own

  • Wan't a professional project to impress whoever sees

  • Need periodic maintenance and don't have time to take care of the ambience

  • Looking for a project that fits with the architecture of my house

  • Wan't quality in the materials and extended warranty

  • Don't want to get frustrated with possible accidents that may happen with my pond

  • I'm looking for my surrounding to be the most natural as possible

But anyway, what is the best option?

It all depends on your expectation with the side and result of your project. If you are the kind of DIY person, you can purchase all you need in our store and learn step by step about the manufacture here.


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