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The power of​ water in your project

Unlike a simple water mirror, a symmetrical pond provides much more movement, amplitude and life to any architectural project. With reduced maintenance and crystal clear water, have the presence of water as a highlight in your environment.

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Lines that
the architecture

Characterized by containing little or no stone, the symmetrical lakes are very adaptable to more upright and modern architectural structures, creating the perfect harmony between nature and construction.

Amplify the beauty of the environment

The reflection of the water allows a true mirror in large  areas. It transmits breadth and grandeur to the space, making the spectator a true admirer of the environment.


Using a high edge filtration system that includes a range of low-consumption equipment, we guarantee crystal clear, odor-free and low-maintenance water.

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Present in renowned architectural projects, water mirrors have disadvantages when compared to our symmetrical ponds, which are aesthetically similar, but in one there is life and in the other there is chlorine.

A symmetrical pond from Natural Lagos gives your project all the sophistication needed to delight anyone in your environment.

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How much a symmetrical pond costs?

To know the value of any architectural project, it always depends a lot on numerous variables about size and complexity, but we guarantee that regardless of the final value, you and everyone who sees the new environment, will be really surprised and delighted 

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