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Be a Naturalist

Our story is written every day, and with each new project we do, we add a new chapter to this book. A dream that was conceived more than 10 years ago by Junior Figueiredo, today it is built by a qualified team committed to delivering not only projects, but quality of life and unique experiences in an environment created especially for you.

We create projects that provide real contact with nature. Adding sustainability and sophistication in technology, our dedication and experience are reflected in the quality of water and the life of the animals present in our environments, lakes and natural pools.

Using the balance between the contemporary and artistic features of architecture and incorporating the harmony and subtlety present in the organic lines of nature, it is the details that sign our projects and transform them into true works of art.

We carry out any project and challenge that involves the construction of a biological environment for leisure and/or decoration.

We create since  ornamental ponds,  natural pools, marine environments and water mirrors, even educational environments in contact with nature, special aquariums and other differentiated projects that aim at an intimate and daily contact with the environment and its biodiversity. Natural Lagos provides the natural by nature.

The purpose is to bring maximum well-being, meeting all true customer needs in the most automated way possible and with the most advanced technologies on the market, leaving your environment fully balanced and perfect, with easy maintenance and, in some cases, minimal .

Your new environment will be structured, adapted and modeled so that nature is integrated into your daily life. Whether indoors or outdoors, we offer all the necessary guarantees, from planning to execution and maintenance.

Everything is programmed and organized so that you don't suffer any kind of impact resulting from the inconvenience that is usually caused by other types of interventions and constructions in general.

We offer a Natural lifestyle: wake up in the morning to the noise of calm waters; a lunch in the midst of nature; being able to have an environment with crystal clear water at home; docile fish that eat from the hand; or why not take a dip in a natural pool together with the biodiversity of a place of its own.


If you can't imagine yourself a “Naturalist” to enjoy all this, we want to make an invitation, send us a message or make an online quote, let us be part of your story.

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