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An ornamental pond is an artificial biological environment, built with the support of technologies that allow for the well-being and balance of life for animals in this atmosphere. We are prepared to build all types of ornamental ponds in any size and shape.

Nishikigoi Carp

Used in most ornamental pond projects (for various reasons ), the colorful carp of the Nishikigoi type, or koi, are special fish and full of mystique, which fill the eyes of those who pass through the lake with crystal clear water. 

Even if artificial, we seek to create our lakes in the most natural way possible, taking into account that nature itself recreates itself and shows an immense range of shapes, colors and volumes.


There are endless possibilities to create a natural environment that matches your personality, environment, style and reality.


Sculptural Stone

Let nature itself shape the design of your pond.

Sculptural stones were formed over hundreds of decades, through different mineral compositions and climate changes that affected their formation.


The style with sculptural stones combines with modern, luxurious and high standard environments and designs.

Pedra Escultural Sedimentar para Lago

Rolled Stone

The rolled granite lake pattern is the most versatile.


By choosing the size of the stones and suitability, it can be built in both small and large environments. It is essential to use good taste and technique, such as using larger stones to achieve a more natural look of the environment.

Pedra granito rolado rolada para lago


Small features turn into big details in your surrounding so it matches your style and architectural design perfectly.


Stone type, shape, size, variety of fish and location are some items that shape your new environment and are adjusted in development to achieve what you expect as a result.

Step by step your project with Natural Lagos


Being within your project and budget reality is our goal, we have numerous variables to achieve what you expect.

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