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The different types of ornamental lakes

The main differences between the types are in the mounting features, tools used and fish that live in the environment. The main styles are:

Rolled Granite pond

In these projects we use the special rolled granite. This stone makes sure that the project has its own naturalness. It's the most flexible kind, because it is possible to work with different kinds of stone to get the desired composition. This kind of stone also is cheaper and easier to work with. Between the possible styles, there are the ordinary ponds with overlapping stones, singles stone ponds (bigger rocks), deeper ponds with dark substrate and natural pools (deeper). Check out some pictures with this kind of rock.


Sculptural Stone pond

Let nature design your pond with awesome sedimentary rocks, sculpted through centuries. The sculptural rocks that we use are not toxic and have their own beauty. This kind of pond is for clients that wish to escape the ordinary and create a real spot that captures the attention of their space. Check out some pictures:


Symmetrical ponds (masonry ponds)

This style is perfect for architecture lovers, specifically the shapes and lines designs. These ponds are similar to the water mirror, but with carps and bring life to the movement of the ambient. It's possible to explore different composition and manufacturing, enjoying the lines that give the perfect transition between nature and architecture. Also gives environmental growth to the project, the pond brings nature to your routine, with great life quality to the members of your house.


Manta Nua ponds (Reservatory ponds)

Lago Manta Nua - Lago Tanque - Lago Reservatório

Usually present in luxurious condos, clubs or golf camps, the reservoir tanks are bigger ponds, with more fish, less or no stone and a calm water. Perfect for leisure time this pond reflects the blue sky, giving the feeling of space and the well being of living side by side with a true pond. This style has the purpose to be worth its price, to integrate big landscaping areas. There is no need for crystal clear water and it can be used as a fishing tank.

Besides this styles, we can still create numerous variations and adaptations, like ponds and natural pools with salty water with coral and marine fish, or carnivorous themed ponds with rocks and specific tools that imitate a wild scene.

Know that you know more about the pond styles available, let's start your project? Would you like to see the budget?


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