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Natural pool X Ordinary pool

Other than providing daily experience with nature, the natural pool - also called biopools or biological pools - are among the trending in landscaping and sustainable architecture. A natural pool values the house and brings benefits to the clients. The bigger differences from a ordinary pool are:

  • Doesn't use chlorine or any other quimics

  • Is possible to create different natural surroundings

  • Swim with fish and other animal safely

  • It matches the architecture and landscaping

  • Is possible to have your own private beach in your house.

One of Natural Lagos customers, Tiago Fuzisaki, daily has peace moments in touch with nature, provided by his natural pool. Tiago always was passionate about fish and always had aquariums in his house. He tells that never had the wish to own a ordinary pool, but when he found out about the chance of having a natural pool, he was thrilled with this opportunity

"It was really easy to choose, because I've never thought about having an ordinary pool. I wanted the natural pool or nothing else", says Tiago.

Watch below a video that shows a little bit of the space we created for this passion by fish man.

Different from what many believe, the natural pools don't need much maintenance time. That is because the filter set and biological agents insert on the environment, do the filtering automatically and help in the maintenance of the water. Installing biological filters, UV-C sterilizers and ozone generators to the customers, so he can enjoy his new ambience the best way possible.

"Crystal clear water isn't a promise, but a result" explains Junior, CEO of Natural Lagos.

Each project is unique and created according to the needs and desires of each client. Our mission is to create places worth to be stared at, and that will provide treasure moments with friends and family.

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Watch more videos on our Youtube channel.


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