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How much does it cost to build and maintain a pond?

Answering this question isn't that easy, because each project is unique and has it's singularity. Therefore in this text we will list some things that should be taken into consideration and show some basic costs.

Before thinking about the budget, it's important to understand that it is not just a "hole in the ground filled with water". An ornamental pond, as simple as it can be, is always a special project since it takes a living environment, with its own biology, cycles and ideal parameters to avoid any unbalance.

Building an aquatic space also can be seen as an investment, as it brings real benefits to the house dwellers and quality life. Also values the house, the ambience is perfect to relax, stay in touch with nature and treasure time with family and friends.

The question is. How much I will invest in the construction of an aquatic ambience.

As there are many possibilities, it's hard to reach a precise total cost to the project and construction of the ambience, but some basic values can be established according to features, sizes and patterns.

Let's start choosing which type of aquatic ambience is right for you, we from Natural Lagos work with 3 main types: Ornamental Pond, Symmetrical Pond and Natural Pools

After choosing the right type, we can list some need material to the construction and the costs:

  • EPDM Membrane - Firestone: R$ 161,00 por m² - See it here.

  • Manta Protetora Geotêxtil - Bidim (200 g e 2,70 m de largura): R$ 15,63 por m² - Find here.

  • Aquatic Environmental Stone (sold by ton or unit): Contact us to see our stones

    • Rolled Stones: are cheaper rounded stones, made for natural pools and ornamental ponds.

    • Sedimentary Stone: the sedimentary stones are real natural art, made by nature itself over hundreds of years, and chosen wisely for each project.

  • Special White Sand: R$ 21,00 per bag (15 kg or 10L). Contact us and order. We usually use 5 bags of sand per meter squared in our projects.

  • Proper Filtering System (Hyalin UV-C ECOlight filter): fromR$1.050,00 to R$ 14.000,00 or more, depending on the project.

  • Water Circuit Pump from R$ 700,00 to R$ 6.000,00 or more, depending on the project.

  • Accessories: from R$ 1.050,00 to R$ 15.000,00 underwater lighting, ozone generator and other equipment that values the project, upgrading the result.

  • Fish: the Nishikigoi carps change price as it texture, color and size change. It's possible to find 16 centimeters ones that cost R$16 but also possible to find 60 cm ones that can reach BRL$6.500 even more. Contact us and see our available carps.

Now that you understand the prices, you should ask: should I build it myself or hire a specialized company? In this text we help you answer this question.. As there are different kinds of clients, with different desires and expectations, the project total price can change according to each place's difference.

Anyway, if you are still asking yourself: what's the total budget to build an aquatic place in your house?

The average value is between 1.800 reais and 6.500 reais per meter square. Already counting with the material, equipment and services done. It's really a high price, but the possibilities are a lot. From the moment you ask for a budget, is possible to choose the best feature that you wish and that fits on your budget.

Different Prices

The separately counted prices are: trip, daily job and accessories. In case you hire a special company to build your pond, the prices change in case of your area and the complexity of the project, that will take more or less work days. For example.

How much does it cost to maintain a pond?

As natural as your ambience is, it needs to be taken care of, that 's why a well done maintenance is so important. There are countless variables to include on the price of the pond maintenance, one of them is the filtering system that you choose in the construction, if its a simple one, with low price, probably the maintenance will be currently and her cost will rise, now if you choose a efficient system, probably the maintenance will happen eventually, and with a lower cost.

The total budget to keep a pond with a rubber filtering system - including changing the acrylic membrane, food fish and energy - is between 50 and 150 reais per square meter, while the simple filtering system can cost between 300 and 400 reais per square meter per month.

Some details directly affect the maintenance, like the number of fish in the pond and the food you offer to the carps. A weak food fish can dissolve in water, and demand more than one filter.


Regardless of how much you want to spend in your pond , if it's nicely done by a prepared company like Natural Lagos, definitely the price will be worth it, since the benefits will be much more valuable than the investments.

So let's make your dream come true?


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