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Hiring the best business to build your ornamented pond

Usually the customers ask for different budgets from different companies when they are looking to build their pond or aquatic space. That's why it is important to go beyond the prices of each one so you won't regret the future choice.

One of the most important things to think about before hunting the specialized business, is to align your expectations with the real prices. Try to know better about each kind of ambience available and the manufacturing style of each company.

We selected some tips that may help you when the time to decide arrives, avoiding headaches with the construction of your ambience:

  • Find references from clients: if you may, try visiting ponds and projects that the company already made, or ask for some kind of portfolio. Search for statements from real clients in the business social media. Suggestions are a great sign that you can trust that company.

  • Documentation: Companies that do trustable constructions, landscapers, engineers and architects, have groups that protect this market and the customer. Make sure that the business you are hiring has the following documents: CREA Register (Regional Council of Engineer and Agronomy, it guarantees that the execution of your construction will be seen by a highly qualified professional) Ibama Authorization and Map Register (guarantees the legality of the animals commerce), invoice for products and services (warranty of what you are buying). Also verify the CNPJ of the business and see the financial capital, so you may reassure the ship of what you bought.

  • Visit the business location "The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot. Try to visit their job place, and see if this business has the structure to help if anything comes up

  • Ask for their support team: As we've already said here, a pond is a living place, therefore you will need science to build a quality pond. Is important that the business has a complete support team: such as biologists, zoo technicians, vet, chemistry professional, engineers and architects. Besides all that, needs to have a logistic, financial and marketing sectors, that shows quality and best attendance

  • Don't create references of price between different environments. Is important to notice that the price is different, precisely see what you are buying.Which will be the price for maintenance of the system, which are the warranty and result? Don't be mistaken with lowest budget, discuss equipment, tools, services and warranty after the job, we don't want to have another frustrated client that will have to remake the ponds made by others.

  • Project, Services and Product contract: We believe that things will always end well, but it is not always like that. That's why it is so important to have a contract to set down all matters about your project, that way you will be sure that if something happens, justice will be in your favor. Never accept to build if the company doesn't offer you a contract, with everything included.

Besides these tips, it is also important to completely trust the business so that it won't bring you future problems. Spend time looking for the best company among the many options there is, and slowly decide the idea for your perfect ambience.

If you choose Natural Lagos, it will definitely be an eternally beautiful place. Let's do the budget?

See below some videos that show a little more about the manufacture of an ornamental pond.


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