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Ideal mechanical protection blanket to protect the EPDM blanket  used in the construction of ornamental ponds.


Also known as Bidim, it can also be used for landscaping projects and other purposes.


Roll width (fixed): 2.30  meters

Length: 100 meters

Thickness: 200 grams

Raw material: 100% Polyester or 100% Polypropene


**For shipping via carriers, consult shipping through WhatsApp (16) 99797-6604, with the following information:


-Full name

-City State

-Zip for shipping

- Width (2.30m) and length

**  The width of the blanket is fixed, so we only cut to the desired length.
**Natural Lagos does not scale materials for projects carried out by third parties.

Bidim Geotextile (Every 200 g)

PriceFrom R$12.90
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