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- Daily food in sticks for carp. 

- Complete formula, with essential vitamins and minerals for this type of fish. 

- Excellent digestibility, which results in a lower incidence of algae. 


Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance food is a Premium food with ingredients that enhance the natural coloring, intended for cold water fish (Ornamental carp and pond kingfish).


These fish do not have teeth or stomach, so this ration has a high  digestibility. It is a highly nutritious food with ingredients that enhance the red and yellow colors in lake carp and ornamental kingfish.


Contains amino acids for growth and maintenance, fats as a concentrated energy source, fiber for healthy and efficient digestion and vitamins for growth, health and metabolism.

Tetra Koi Vibrance Feed (3.750 kg/25 L)

    • Feed the carp twice a day (in the morning and at night)

    • Use a sufficient amount for a maximum of 5 minutes of feeding in the lake

    • Do not feed carp and excess

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